Young Naturalist

Get ready to explore flora and fauna of the area of Mediterranean! The tour program, which includes the visits to The Natural History Museum of Crete, Cretaquarium and horse riding center, is perfect for children and adults who love nature.
The Natural History Museum of Crete offers the visitors a unique chance of a rich experience on the natural environment of Crete. The aim of the museum is to demonstrate with an impressive manner the natural environment of eastern Mediterranean area with special emphasis on Greece and Crete. In the halls of NHMC with a total area of over 3500m2, visitors can tour in the:
– Discovery Center is specially designed for children up to the age of 15;
– “Earthquake Simulator”- offering visitors the opportunity to learn about earthquakes and experience, in a safe environment, real earthquakes;
– “The Plane tree Cinema” showing a film referred to the wild life that lives in and around the Plane tree;
– “The cave of mystery” if you are interested in fossils and paleontology in general;
– “The secrets of the earth” is more than required. There, with the help of specialized equipment, you can dig up and bring to light, the skeletal remains of a prehistoric ancestor of today’s elephant, the Dinotherium. The Dinotherium was the largest mammal ever lived, on the island of Crete;
– “The animals of the coast”, with sea anemones, starfishes, sea mollusks and many other small animals of the coast. If boats are your cup of tea, then a real surprise awaits for you;
– “Tythys”, a wooden boat of real dimensions is inviting you to be her captain;
– “The Nature’s Lab”, where you can initiate into the wonderful world of plants, birds, spiders and serpents with the aid of special scientific equipment and notes.

Cretaquarium – This is where your experience exploring the Mediterranean sea world begins. Come face to face with hundreds of species and thousands of living organisms. Be fascinated by their behavior as they reveal the wide variety of shapes, colors, habits and needs of their own world. Learn about them and reflect on what our common future may be

Finally, great horseback riding opportunity for your kids. Children will be happy to learn horsemanship skills from the horses and ponies suitable for the young rider. The children will be supervised by trained staff, so no need to worry if your kid meets the horse for the first time. Don’t miss such a chance because if your child is happy, you will be happy, too.