“ Photography is the art of a frozen time … the ability to store emotions and feelings inside the frame,” Meshak Otieno.

How to bring bright and professional photos from a vacation in Crete and at the same time not spend precious time searching for beautiful views and locations?

As for everyone trip is one of the most memorable travel experience. New impressions, historical sights, amazing Cretan landscapes and of course the beaches … All this must be fixed is our memory be means of photography .

Unforgetable memories from Crete by means of photossesion
Amazin photossesions for ladies
Kids photos on Crete

Book a photo shoot with us and you won’t need to rack your brains looking for beautiful places, where and how to make stop, where to go next, etc. We have a clear shooting plan, which is formed, first of all, based on your wishes!

Do you still think you need to book a photo shoot in Crete?

family photosession on Crete, Malia
sunset photosession on Crete