Fantasia yachting invites you to live unique moments of real relaxation with the safety and luxury one feels while sailing.

Our love for the sea and its beauties has lead us to set up Fantasia yachting, a company which has been established since 2004. We provide our customers with the highest level of service. With safety discover the journey with the sails up and a new way of holidaying. With or without any prior sailing knowledge, this is the simplest way of holidaying without any responsibilities and without having to deal with any of the usual procedures of chartering a yacht and its maintenance… because our experienced and fully trained crew is always at your service.

Visit places only a few can enjoy, sail, holiday, fish, swim and have a marvelous time. It would be a great pleasure and honour to have you sailing with us!!

Choose your favorite destination in the Aegean, or pick one from our suggested ones, and only then your holidays truly begin. Cruise in style with our luxurious “Fantasia”, an amazing sailing boat made for you and your family or friends.

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